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About Us

Seasoned consultants specializing in the Japanese market


At Market Research Japan, we offer expert advisory services to large companies and government agencies across Asian markets. With our deep knowledge of various sectors, including automotive, food & beverage, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture, we help our multinational clients achieve sustained and valuable growth in the region.

Our team of skilled local and international consultants from YCP Solidiance has extensive business experience in the Japanese market. Our culturally savvy and meticulous consultants analyze market data from customers, distributors, suppliers, competitors, partners, industry associations, and government officials to provide equitable analysis that satisfies our client's needs.

How We Work


Market intelligence, not market data

Our approach involves gathering information directly from the marketplace. To tap into their expertise, we conduct extensive fieldwork and obtain information from primary sources, including industry insiders. This enables us to provide our clients with the intelligence and confidence needed to seize opportunities in Japan.

Detailed research, tailored solutions

For every project, we adopt a new perspective and customize our approach to suit the unique needs of each client. We craft distinct frameworks and devise clear strategies tailored to our client's specific requirements.


Global skills, local expertise

Our team consists of in-house consultants with the language fluency, cultural skills, and extensive industry knowledge required to consistently provide excellent services to our clients. To ensure our clients' confidence in our findings, we adhere to a transparent work approach that emphasizes security.

Our Team

  • Nobuiku Nyudo



    Nobuiku Nyudo oversees all financial advisory services in Japan, primarily in M&A strategy planning, commercial DD, financial advisory and PMI (Post-Merger Integration). He is also in charge of the Group’s principal investment activities. Prior to joining YCP Group, Nobuiku was at INCJ (Innovation Network Corporation of Japan), where he focused on the technology sector and was involved with investments and management support. At UBS, he was engaged in multiple M&A and financing transactions in auto, heavy industry and chemical sectors as well as trading companies.

  • Monta Ito



    Monta Ito used to work with the Strategy Group at Accenture Japan Ltd. At Accenture, Monta visualized global management indicators in the manufacturing industry, and then implemented cost reductions including organizational restructuring in the telecommunications and financial industries.  Currently, he is in charge of the turnaround of a manufacturing portfolio for an investment fund and is working on a wide range of projects for reform including the development of growth strategies, the sale of non-core businesses, in addition to cost accounting and operational improvements.  Furthermore, Monta was the head of our Bangkok office until 2017.

  • Nobutada Kataoka



    Nobutada Kataoka leads the Global Research Division, which provides market research services to clients. Prior to joining YCP Group, Nobutada was a system engineer in a core system architecture project at Fuji Xerox. He co-founded Strategic Decision Initiative, Inc. (SDI) as a board member in 2002. Nobutada has extensive experience in research and consulting for overseas business development in various industries and countries. SDI was acquired and integrated into YCP Group to pursue further business expansion in 2016.

  • Takanori Ono



    Takanori Ono has been involved in mid to long-term business strategy development, growth strategy development, and business planning division support in electric and IT industries. He is also in charge of the head of Digital Solution in Japan. Prior to joining YCP Group, Takanori was at Cisco Systems, Inc., where he worked closely with Cisco America to solve critical engineering issues. He also worked at KPMG where he supported large corporates and their large-scale projects.

  • Shinjiro Sameshima



    Shinjiro Sameshima was at UBS, where he was in IBD and joined into technology and real estate team. He was engaged in M&A and advisory services of financing transactions especially in companies related to semiconductor and IT services. Besides, He was involved in various projects in electronic devices industry, such as lithium-ion battery and display. Now he leads not only M&A advisory services but also curries out business Due Diligence in YCP Solidiance

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